Travel Essentials For Men – The Ultimate Checklist

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    Every modern day man knows that being prepared while traveling means breaking the stereotypical view that manly men pack light. To take away from the added stress that comes with traveling and to embrace the 21st century man, here’s a list of the “must have” travel essentials for men:


    1. The “Important stuff” Carry Bag

    You can’t travel without the correct legal documents so be sure to have an handy document holder to keep all your personal documents and necessary items such as:

    • Passport
    • Documented contact details and health issues
    • Hotel bookings and airline tickets
    • Travel maps
    • Driving license
    • Visa
    • Travel and health insurance documents
    • Some spare cash
    • International credit cards
    • A handy pocket size calculator for quick foreign currency calculations

    Here are some options for you to choose from – all available on amazon:


    1.1. Wrapables Passport and Travel Documents Holder

    This nifty travel pouch comes loaded with enough pockets to fit all your necessary essentials, is made from PVC materials making light weight and easy to carry due to its dimensions of (10*8) inches.

    Essentials for men- document holder



    1.2. Tarriss Travel Gear RFID Blocking Passport Holder and Neck Stash

    This wallet size pouch offers all the versatility of the “Wrapables” pouch with the added feature of a strap to put around the neck. The strap is also breathable making it comfortable to use all the time. This is definitely a suitable choice if you are prone to dropping or misplacing things easily.


    travel essentials for men- document holder2



    2. “Cosmetic” Travel Essentials For Men

    Next on the list of “travel essentials for men” are cosmetics – Yes! men should be using cosmetics. To be a confident man in whichever part of the world you find yourself means taking the time to look great too. You don’t want too look like  “Gollum” when that right gal catches your eye. Depending on your personal preferences and health conditions the specific brands you use will vary. However here is a list of some of the essential items you should be prioritizing:


    2.1. Sun Screen Based Moisturizer & Other Essential Cosmetics

    This will obviously be dependent on the destination and climate of the place you are visiting. The harsh effects of the sun can be detrimental so using a suitable moisturizer that agrees to your skin can be handy. It also helps to look great for that next snapshot. You may also want to visit your dermatologist if you have any skin conditions that may aroused due to a different climate. Also keep handy items such as lip balms (to prevent dried and cracked lips), shower gels or essentially any other products that you may not find at stores in the place you are visiting.


    2.2 Shaving Kit

    Having a freshly trimmed beard or cleanly shaven face is a must – Especially when you are hitting an “all-nighter” partying. Remember the following key items: shaving machine, spare blades, after shave, trimmer, beard shaping comb. To keep all your shaving accessories in one easy to use kit, check out some of these great amazon options:


    Travel essentials for men - shaving kit bag 1


    Travel essentials for men - shaving kit bag 2



    2.3. Perfume

    You may want to change your fragrance depending on the climate. Choose a brand that you love and essentially have a scent for both day and night. It also makes for a great reminder when you associate a scent to your trip – so make a wise choice.


    3. The “Gadgets”

    A man’s trip wouldn’t be any fun without his toys to keep him company. There’s a reason James bond needed them so why shouldn’t you. You may not be saving the world with these gadgets – but it will sure make your trip stress free and much more fun.

    3.1. Drones

    Drones may be fun to fly but they are also great for capturing breathtaking moments in places you may not be able to visit physically. Just remember to look at flying time, battery life and camera quality before purchasing your drone to know if you are getting value for money. Also make sure that you have permission to fly your drone – in certain areas this may not be permitted. Take a look at some of the best seller drones available on amazon:

    Travel essential for men - drone 1


    Travel essentials for men - drone 2


    3.2. GoPro

    If you are the adventurous type always finding yourself in difficult to record situations, then a GoPro may be your best option. It’s durability and variations of the product make it suitable for virtually any adrenalin junky situation. Check out the GoPro website for more information.

    Travel essentials for men - man holding GoPro



    3.3 Handy pill kit

    This is a great addition if you struggle to keep track of the chronic medication that you need to be taking. It also ensures that you don’t lose medication which becomes an issue if you are in a foreign country. Below are some examples you could look into:

    Travel essentials for men - pill holder keyholder

    travel essentials for men - pill holder


    4. The Best Travel Essentials For Men To Capture Memories

    A list of “travel essentials for men”wouldn’t be complete without useful items to capture and store memories. A trip can be easily forgotten unless we have memories captured in the form of memorandums to reminiscent about the past. here’s a list of some of the things you could use to capture those exciting memories.

    4.1. Travel diary

    A diary may seem like something not fitting of a man but is actually something that men should embrace as an opportunity to reflect on their journey to a foreign land. This can be used to remind yourself of how you felt at that moment – the excitement, the joy and the laughter.

    4.2. Instant Camera

    An instant camera forms part of the travel essentials for men because it gives an opportunity to clearly see what pictures look like immediately. This saves you the heartache of finding out that you didn’t take enough pictures or didn’t strike the right pose.

    travel essentials for men - instant camera


    4.3. Scrap books

    You can use this during or after a trip -Irrespective of when you decide to do this, scrap-booking can be an ideal opportunity to get in touch with your creative side and also store memories. Check out how men do scrap-booking with this useful post.

    travel essential for men -scrapbook


    The above list may not be exhaustive of all travel essentials for men, but it is an excellent guide to get you prepped for your next big journey. Safe travels and pack smartly – the way a modern man would.

    If you enjoyed this post but just don’t have enough money to travel, why not check out how to make money from a dumb idea? 




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