7 Television Series Where The Smart Save The Day

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    We live in a century where the definition of a smart person has shifted from one who is awkward and uncool to someone who is considered pioneers in changing the world. In-fact, there are more people everyday striving to attain the status of “nerd.” Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Elon Musk to name a few have taken the world by storm using their intellect to create breakthroughs. It is therefore no surprise to find that several new and emerging television shows center their main characters around a smart person who uses his/her skills to miraculously save the day. The following are examples of great TV shows where the plot revolves around the smartest person in the room:

    Prison Break (2005-2017)

    Prison break was a great example of how wit and intelligence can be both a sexy and useful trait. In this case, both these qualities were personified in the form of Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller). He was able to use his structural engineering ability to break his wrongfully accused brother out of prison. Coupled with his natural ability of low latent inhibition (a condition which allowed him to process all external stimuli) and his knowledge of prison design – he managed to concoct strategic ways to overcome obstacles. The series was a tremendous success with 8 seasons being released including bonus episodes. The series success just re-iterates how much people have grown to love the trait of intelligence.

    Smart - Prison break
    Via Flikr under creative commons


    Scorpion (2014-Present)

    This series revolves around a group of highly skilled professionals in fields ranging from computer science,statistics and psychology. What also makes the show so great is that it is actually based on a true story. The main character, Walter O’Brien, plays a genius with an IQ of 197. Together him and his team solve complex problems using strategic methods. The series is currently on it’s 4th season and continues to go strong with it’s unusual yet appealing story-line. What makes the show a success is not only the intriguing story line but also how it manages to dive into the profound nature of each character – often highlighting in the process the difficulties smart people face.

    smart -scorpion tv show
    Via flikr under creative commons



    The film takes a unique approach by using Mathematics, which is often considered boring for most. The show uses the subject to solve complex criminal cases. An FBI Agent enlists the help of his younger brother, Charlie Eppes played by David Krumholtz, due to his skills as a Mathematics professor. He is then able to solve cases by identifying solutions using complex algorithmic calculations. David plays the role excellently depicting the generic attributes of typical Mathematicians i.e. eccentric in nature and equally level headed. Together with his brother’s understanding of the legal system and his smart demeanor the two are able to make an unstoppable duo.

    smart - Numbers tv series
    David Krumholtz, under wiki commons


    Grey’s anatomy (2005-Present)

    Grey’s Anatomy may not be an exact representation of medical practice but it still is one of the most entertaining medical dramas around. The continual reinventing of new ideas and fresh story-lines is the reason why the show is currently on it’s 14th season with various spin-offs also being made. The film excellently breaks the stereotypical view that smart people aren’t good looking as it is surrounded by gorgeous people who kick ass in the medical arena. The series lead role is played by Ellen Pompeo, as Meredith Grey. With the equally strong personalities and acting abilities of her co-stars, it is often difficult to tell the difference. Either way,with the investment people have in each character, the show is likely to go on for many years- you won’t see us complaining!

    smart - Grey's anatomy
    Meredith Gery, under wiki commons


    The Good Doctor (2017 -Present)

    The Good Doctor shows us that smart people can come in different forms. The lead character, Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) plays a man with two conflicting syndromes i.e. Autism and Savant syndrome. This makes him lack in his communication and social interactions but also gain mental abilities like improved memory. The show is relatively new but as the Shaun Murphy’s character progresses we get a feel of how brilliant the man really is.

    smart- the good doctor
    Freddie Highmore, under creative commons


    Suits (2011-Present)

    Suits is simply a great television show with power hungry smart attorney’s playing the big leagues. The shows main characters Harvey specter and Mike Ross team up and use their abilities to solve complex cases. Mike using his photographic memory and Harvey his tacit knowledge of the legal system. The show is effortless in it’s depiction of how the definition of smart can vary- as both Mike and Harvey take different approaches to solving cases.

    smart -Suits (Gabrielle Macht)
    Gabriel Macht plays Harvey Specter, under creative commons


    Bull (2016-Present)

    Bull follows the early life of the smart and successful Dr. Phil. You may now know him as having a successful talk show host but in his younger years he was a trial consultant. The show aims to show this part of his life and how he used his expert knowledge of psychology to delve into the mindsets of the Jury – thus influencing the outcomes of criminal cases. The show is great if you are interested in how the mind works and how easily people can be persuaded.

    Smart - bull (Dr Phil tv series)
    The real life Dr. Phil, under creative commons


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