Funny Stuff: The Sexy Looks Women Give That Drive Men Craze

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    Sexy women have powers of persuasion beyond a man’s comprehension. Their elegance and beauty is enough to melt any man’s heart not to mention that sexy look she is able to give a man. here’s a list of the hot looks woman give men that drives them insane:

    The “angry with a side of sexy” face

    If you are a man put in the dog box or probably facing a sentence of 1 week on the couch, then you would be accustomed to the “angry with a side of sexy look”. It is far from subtle but can arouse deep sexual feelings in some sick physiological way. Its rather unfortunate that this aphrodisiac effects cannot be acted upon. All hope lies in the fact that she takes pity on you and welcomes you back into her bed soon!


    The “you are my slave now” look

    When a woman wants a man to do something, she has an entire toolkit that she could harness. One such tool is her smile. Yes! Many wars were fought over this very thing and when a man sets eyes on it – it could be as penetrating as medusa’s gaze. Yet despite the warnings, many men will still fall prey to this Achilles heel. Men will me men, I suppose.

    sexy woman
    under creative commons


    The smug look

    This hot look usually accompanies a woman when she proves a man wrong or probably after a ” I told you so moment.” Despite the fact that the man is wrong, it is still a real turn on. They say a woman is always right in a relationship – might as well get used to it!

    sexy women
    via creative commons


    The inviting look

    This look is probably what every man looks for after a date. Or if married the look you would want your wife to give you before bed. All you need to know is that if she gives you this look, you are definitely doing something right. If you are lucky enough to experience it, sit back and enjoy the ride (pun intended).


    The understanding look

    On rare cases women listen too. Sometimes all men want is someone to listen and understand when they are going through a crisis. If you are lucky enough to experience this gentle side of a woman, then hold on to whoever she is.

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