Questions That If Answered Could Ruin A Marriage

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    Marriage can be tough thing to sustain. What can make it even worse are lies that are harboring within it. It can sometimes be difficult to contemplate that your partner had a history before you- often with other people. These people may have seen him/her in a different light to what you see today. Which is normal as most people change and reach a maturity before actually deciding to marry. Having answers to questions about your partners past is therefore not for the feint-hearted and could lead to irrevocable consequences that could spark the end of a marriage. Here is a list of questions that could potentially ruin a marriage:

    Have you ever been in love with another person?

    “Another person” does not refer to family but rather an intimate relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend. The answer to this question can be tough to listen to especially if you are the insecure type. No person wants to hear that the love of their life had another first love. According to research, one’s first love is never forgotten because the mind works in a way where a first experience is always remembered as opposed to the second, third etc. – you get the picture. You wouldn’t want to be a second or third – would you? Furthermore, psychologists believe that a first love also becomes a template by which to measure everyone else against.

    Would you remarry?

    This question can start of as a joke but can quickly turn destructive. Couples often joke about remarrying if one passes away but it can still be a difficult thing to hear. The thought of sharing your partner with someone else, even if there is no face to this person, can be a difficult thing to bear. Imagine having your partner say that they would be ready to jump on the bandwagon and marry another should the unforeseeable happen. Some people would be accepting of this as they would want their partner to be happy and live life in their absence. Others however may be opposed to this notion and  could question the sincerity of love in their marriage.

    What people did you normally date?

    A person’s preference in their life partner can change over time. This is often the case when they reach maturity or  have their priorities shifted. Most people are more prone to marrying a person that is financially stable and grounded as opposed to the party animal they once dated in their early twenties or teen years. This question is therefore a risky one to ask – Especially when you discover that you partner’s previous relationships were with people that were much more fun and exciting than you.

    Why did you choose me?

    Choosing a life partner can be a daunting task. Pledging faithfulness to a single person should be based on profound reasons or it would be doomed from the start. Asking your partner “why they chose you?” could be romantic if answered well but if the answer is based on superficial reasons this can be upsetting to hear. One wants to know that they were chosen beyond superficial qualities and so if they find out that this is not the case – it can often lead to disastrous consequences.

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