These Movies Will Evoke A Realistic Fear In You

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    We are surrounded and experience fear everyday. Whether it is self-inflicted (horror movies) or forcefully takes a hold of us through some life experience. Either way, the one type of fear that generally phases us the most is the realistic kind. The fear that is so real and relatable it often leaves an empty feeling inside. Fear like this is often associated with some traumatic experience however directors today have aimed to mimic this feeling through various movies. Below are some very popular movies that are so realistically scary it will leave you shivering for days:

    The Purge

    The Purge deserves a spot on this list because it’s story-line is based on something that could exist if the government lost their minds. Essentially the movie is about a day in the year where all citizens are granted the right the commit any crime against any individual they wish – without consequence. The movie justifies this insane idea by highlighting that the the crime rate drops with purge day. Whatever the justification, this idea is plain old idiotic! Either way watching the movie is sure to send streaks of fear down your spine as it easy to get lost in all the drama and imagine yourself in the exact situation. You would probably find yourself listing all the potential people that would want to purge through you – Hahahaha! Very scary thought

    fear -the purge
    Purge poster, under creative commons


    I am legend & all other virus/infection movies

    Okay the mere squeak of the word virus is enough to getting everyone’s attention. I am legend is a movie that explores a scenario of a man who is a lone survivor in a world that has turned humans into zombies through a virus infection. The movie is likely to invoke fear in more ways than one. If the thought of being infected and turning into a zombie doesn’t rattle you  then the thought of living in solitude should do the trick. Just imagine all your weeks spent chatting with a dog. Things like this are used in prisons as torture! According to physiologists, solitude can have deep lasting effect including mind decay and brain atrophies. So cherish that best friend of yours.

    fear -I am legend
    Under wikimedia commons



    Imagine not being able to speak or hear anything. Now imagine being stalked by a psycho killer wanting you to be his next victim. That is exactly the scenario that a woman faces in the movie Hush. After losing her hearing and speech in a botched up surgery, she takes refuge in a quiet cabin in the woods. This is when she falls prey to a serial killer. One can’t help but put themselves in her situation throughout the movie as she struggles to save her life.

    fear -hush movie

    Hush movie poster, wikimedia commons

    The Shallows

    Starring the infamous Blake Lively, Shallow tells the tale of a surfer who tries to escape her sorrows after her mother’s death. Due to the absence of her friends during a surf trip, she ends up doing it alone only to find herself in a desperate struggle for survival against a clever shark. All viewers of the movie will watch with bated breath as she takes on the shark head to head in a vicious fight till the end. Fear doesn’t come as neatly packaged in a movie as with this one.

    Fear - the shallows
    Great white, wikimedia commons



    Split personality can be a scary thing now imagine 24 of them in one body. In Split, a man with 24 personalities, kidnaps a 3 girls. The dominant one being the most evil and malicious, sets the girls on a roller-coaster of fear. Throughout the movie we are reminded how scary the mind can be and that there is darkness within all of us.

    Fear - split
    Bagogames via flikr under creative commons

    Better watch out

    A Great Christmas movie or maybe not. It all depends on what you consider festive. Does a child attempting to kill his nanny tickle your fancy. Better watch out follows the story of a teenage boy, infatuated with his nanny. After discovering unrequited love with her, he sets out to punish and kill her using a very devious plan. The movie brings out fear in it’s viewers primarily because it shows us that evil can take on so many forms. Even a so called innocent boy.

    fear - better watch out movie
    Better watch out movie poster, under wiki commons


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