Infographic : This Is How A Guys Mind Works Before Asking A Girl Out

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    how men think?
    Things are tough for a guy especially in the 21st century. Too add to it, and probably one of the greatest pressures of all – is a guy having to ask a girl out. Yes! it is harder than it looks ladies. Before you criticize a guy for not having the guts to approach you, check out the infographic above to understand how a guy has to efficiently evaluate a situation before making a move on a girl. One wrong move could cost him and he knows that.

    The infographic above purely demonstrates how personality types as well as fear of rejection gets in the way of a guy approaching a girl. It sums up how girls are typically putting barriers in the way of men approaching them so that only a handful out of many eventually sift through and approach them. It also clearly demonstrates how shy guys are often the ones to suffer the most as they are prone to giving up when the smallest hiccup approaches.

    Psychologists have proven that men are traditionally hard wired to check out women – this is primarily due to the fact that they have much more testosterone surging through their brains. This is often why men traditionally are the one’s to make the first moves. But with more and more women being fussy over the guys that approach them and by putting up barriers, it becomes difficult for men to act on their natural impulses.

    So the next time you think a guy doesn’t have feelings – Think again! behind that hard shell is a sensitive being that just wants to be given a chance! Ease up on the security ladies.

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