Funny Stuff: If Signs Could Be Used At Work – These Would Be Your Favorites

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    The working life can be stressful and often some may wish they could just use a sign to express how they feel at a particular time. It really would make things so much easier. Here’s a list of the perfect set of signs we should all have to express our feelings at work.

    For when you are really busy working on something

    You know that feeling when you are really busy working on a project and just when you start making progress, someone comes over and bothers you. Either a colleague or boss wanting something. This sign would be perfect for such a case. Temporarily closed for construction would be perfect for saying “come back when I am done -I am temporarily predisposed.”

    When someone steals you parking spot

    Don't park sign
    by via flikr under creative commons

    Everyone has their perfect parking spot. Just close enough to their office. Just the right amount of shade to protect their car and easy to maneuver into. It can therefore be a huge annoyance when someone steals it when you are just two minutes late. here is a perfect sign that you could use to ward off those inconsiderate car park thieves.


    For all those aliens that can’t use a toilet properly

    How annoying is walking into a dirty toilet especially as a result of people not knowing how to properly use it. If companies are not prepared to teach people how to use them then they should probably have this sign and three toilets instead.


    funny bathroom sign
    via Sanie under flikr (creative commons license)


     A bosses warning sign

    If you are a boss and want to warn your workers that there are project changes coming, the sign below can be pretty handy.

    Changed priorities sign
    via Peter Reed (flikr creative commons)



    When someone tries to steal your food

    You take the time to make your scrumptious lunch then someone steals it. This can arouse dark thoughts in anyone. Relax and use the sign below. Alternatively call “Liam Neeson”from “Taken”and he should be able to find them with his unique skills.

    Keep out signs
    Under wikimedia commons

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