Funny Stuff: Everyday Messages People Hate to See

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    We live in a world where we are constantly reminded about things. Messages to pay bills, reminders to take out the trash – the list is endless. It is enough to drive someone over the edge. Many have come to terms with the fact that these horrid messages are never going away and so they have gracefully come to terms with it. There are however a few nightmarish messages that drive people insane when they pop-up all over the place. Read the list to find out some of the most horrid messages we all encounter that we wish would just go away!

    Empty Petrol Tank Warning

    Warning message of low fuel
    Under wikimedia commons

    We all have forgotten occasionally to fill our tank and the consequence is a long red needle highlighting the consequence of our irresponsibility. To set the scene – you are late for a meeting and then suddenly a sound emerges out of nowhere while driving . You look up at your dashboard and find that you tank is empty. You pray that your reserve tank is enough to get you to work but soon realize this is unfortunately not the case when your car stops 10 minutes away from your office. Do yourself a favor and check you tank – this is one warning message you don’t want to see.


    Secure connection failed

    Warning message no internet connection

    We have become servants to technology as much as we would hate to admit it. The internet is one such platform that we have developed a dependence on for both business and pleasure. Whether it is to do a financial transaction online or engage with friends over social media – Google has become an a need for most. You can imagine then how frustrating it can be to see the above message pop-up. And no – “the try again” never works! All you can hope is that your network provider gets their act together and re-unites you with your best friend Google.

    Battery Low Cellphone /Battery Low Laptop













    Whether it is a flat cellphone battery or low laptop battery -seeing the above two warning messages can be a nightmare. This is worsened if there are no charging points or cables around. People are often left scrambling around like a chicken which just got it’s neck cut off! But never fear there are always charging banks available – but what happens if these loose charge?

    Scale reading

    Having a positive body image is important to many. Which is why you will find many compulsively hovering over the scale looking for that 0.1 shift in the scale needle. Sometimes the news can be great which is a tremendous boost to the self-esteem but often things go the opposite way and we see the effects of too many cheat days. This message of being overweight is like a slap in the face.


    Card Declined

    Imagine being a guy having a lovely romantic dinner with someone you fancy. Then after concluding a lovely meal – you offer to pay being the gentleman you are. The waiter swipes and gives you the decline message. You casually brush it off as a mistake and ask politely for him/her to proceed again. The waiter shows you a decline message once again. Now things get a bit nerve wrecking and you begin to sweat. By the third swipe your date has already left – and you are left alone with only embarrassment to keep you company. This ain’t a message even your worst enemy should see.

    Pixabay, under creative commons license


    No signal

    In a life and death situation – a no signal warning can be horrifying. Having no way to call for help. This is one of the worst messages to get if you are in the middle of nowhere. The ironic thing is – being stuck in the middle of nowhere is probably the only time you would actually get this message.

    warning message no signal
    No service, no signal. dbrulz, CC BY-SA

    Sold out

    Tom hears from a friend that there is a huge special at his favorite sports store. This seems great because he has been saving for new gym shoes for quite a while. He waits anxiously until the end of the day ready to finally get what he has been eagerly wanting. He arrives there and politely asks the shopkeeper to show him where the special is at. She directs him to the spot and a surge of anger overcomes him. He see the above sign – apparently the last pair was scooped up a minute ago. The sold-out sign is probably the one that brings with it the most regret. Remember to always be the early bird so that you never have to experience what Tom did.

    warning message sold out
    Alan Cleaver/Flickr Creative Commons


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