How Can Chick Flicks Spice Up Your Relationship?

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    Chick flicks have been loved and equally hated by people over the years. Those that dislike it would usually attribute this genre of motion picture as having a weak story-line, being emotionally draining or just outright unrealistic in it’s portrayal of relationships. However, there are also loads of romantics out there that use chicks flicks like “crack”  for their emotions. The truth is chick flicks can prove to be a great tool in spicing up the relationship between you and your significant other. Here’s a run down of how movies like the Notebook can grow a relationship:

    1. They are virtually “how to guides”

    Film Producers make chick flicks taking the mass population into consideration. It uses generic things that people find romantic, sexy and heartwarming and throws it into a perfect love story. Even though the perfect setting and happy endings in these movies seldom replicate real life situations (which are usually much more boring). They can be used to get hints on what are considered romantic notions. Couples can then harness these findings in their relationship. These movies can also give one great insight into what their partner finds attractive, cute or even sexy. This can then be use to develop intimacy in the relationship. For example – you may find that your partner actually finds small gestures like messages or flowers extremely romantic – as she blushes or turns red when these scenes appear in the movie. This can give one great insight into what is important to grow a relationship. Knowing these hidden details of your partner, no matter how small, can greatly boost a relationship.

    chick flicks-gesture of love
    Photo by Flickr user Prayoga D. Widyanto via Creative Commons license


    2. Chick flicks usually have the most epic sex scenes

    Behind every great chick flick, is an even better sex scene. There’s nothing that screams out love than sex scenes, and lots of it. Most sex scenes in chick flicks are usually after a long wait i.e. after two lovers have been away from each other for many years or their feelings have finally been put out in the open. The result is usually a show of flowery and loud love making to proclaim their desire for one another. How can this help your relationship? you may ask. Well! it’s simple. It’s human nature to want to experience things that seem pleasurable. Watching sex scenes can add passion to a relationship which has been dulled down by the daily routines of life. Seeing the raw passion between two people in love can make you remember what you and your partner once shared and this can be exhilarating and even more exciting. A relationship without sex is like concrete with cement!

    Chick flick romantic kiss
    Pixabay, under creative commons license

    3. It establishes emotional intimacy

    The amount of emotional intimacy within a relationship will determine whether its likely to survive or fail dismally. This is because love is ultimately dependent on sharing profound and personal attributes with someone (such as feelings, thoughts, emotions and secrets). Without this, a relationship is like any other, an encounter that doesn’t mean much. It is difficult to form a bond when no profound details are shared in a relationship. This is what makes it easier for people to break up without feeling much about it. Chick flicks are therefore perfect in expressing one’s emotion. Being open and comfortable about tearing up or being saddened can help bring two people closer together by breaking down the emotional barrier that stands between them. As they say – there is strength within weakness.

    chick flicks emotional intimacy
    Pixabay, under creative commons license

    4. It promotes cuddling

    Cuddling has been scientifically proven to exhibit various beneficial traits ranging from building happier relationships through the release of oxytocin, relieving heart related issues  and strengthening the immune system. So the benefits are quite clear. Watching a chick flick can promote cuddling especially during an intimate scene or emotionally draining one. It can also lead to sex, so it is a great alternative to aphrodisiacs.

    Chick flicks cuddling
    Flikr, under creative commons license

    5. Chick flicks show that there is no such thing as a relationship not working

    Watching chick flicks shows that no matter how tough things seems in your relationship – it never is to the point of no repair. This is because chick flicks are always surrounded by some dramatic event that kept star crossed lovers apart. So watching this emotional turmoil makes most real world relationship issues seem trivial. It also makes you realize that love should not be taken for granted as it can go as easily as it came. Having this at the back of your mind is really helpful especially when petty fights in relationships threaten to ruin what you and your partner share.

    Chick flicks -old couple staying together
    Flikr, under creative commons license

    6. Allows for bonding time

    It is easy to get caught up in insignificant things, never spending time on the smaller things that matter – like watching a movie and sharing some alone time with the one you love. Engaging in a classic chick flick can be another thing you and your partner can have in common. At the end of the day, the more two people have in common, the stronger their relationship. Grab a bag of popcorn, lay back and watch away!

    Chick flicks - bonding time
    Under creative commons license

    As you can see, chick flicks offer more than just surface level enjoyment, it can in-fact be a great building block in you relationship.

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