Funnytopics is a multi-niche humor site focusing on attracting audiences of all ages by providing engaging content. The unique rating system on the site allows viewers to rate content according to how F(fascinating),U(uplifting),N(nerdy), N(nightmarish) or Y(yummy) they are. These characteristics are essentially factors that dictate engaging and interesting content that people love. By making using of this rating system people are able to get a feel for what content they are viewing before actually reading it.

  • Fascinating– articles with this characteristic generally arouse awe,surprise or excessive interest in people
  • Uplifting – these posts are generally those that provide meaningful content that improves the viewers life in some positive way by providing a good piece of advice.
  • Nerdy – nerdy content are generally those posts that teach the reader something
  • Nightmarish – content which scares or shocks the reader
  • Yummy – anything appealing or delicious to the viewer

The site focuses on blog post articles in different categories viz. Lifestyle, healthy humor(fitness), Entertainment(movies& television), Travel, Funance(fun articles related to finance), Youtube humor(video blog posts), funny stuff(all light hearted perspective type content) and technology. The site also has a youtube channel and a social media following.