Youtube Humor: 7 Types Of Fitness Chicks You Will Find At Your Gym

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    If you are a regular at the gym, then you have probably noticed that the social structure of the gym is more complex than most realize. There are an abundance of personality types all entangled together in one place sometimes not with the same intention of keeping fit. You will find this especially among the hot chicks in the gym. Here are 6 fitness chicks you are likely to find at your gym:

    1 ) The “Ass-traction”

    This type of chick is often the reason why guys find it difficult to get any training done. They are often found in areas near the squat rack or bending over to take a sip of water.

    2) The “Terminator”

    This chick is often the most intimidating to approach with guns bigger that Arnold in the Terminator movie. The “Terminators” are often the ones that take part in body building competitions so don’t mess with them. She is often found hogging the biggest weights at the gym.

    3) The “Mannequin”

    This chick is often the one that gets little to no training done. Their sole purpose is to pose. They often are the attention grabber so be wary not to fall for their traps.

    4) “Miss Congeniality”

    This babe is the “talk of the town” or rather the gym. She knows and is known by all. Without her the gym is just another dull place. It is surprising how she still manages to look so fit even though all she really does at the gym is initiate chats. She is the first to enter and probably last to leave. She is often located near the popular people or with any hot guy she knows.

    5) The “Ninja”

    This hottie is probably the one you would want by your side at a zombie apocalypse. She is more flexible than a ninja and is deadlier than an assassin. So try not to get on her bad-side. She is usually found in the stretch area.

    6) The “Backup Dancer”

    This is the girl that has ambitions to be in the next Beyonce music video. She is often found in classes at the gym strutting her stuff.

    7) The “Celeb”

    This is the hot girl that you are never able to see. She is often hiding under a cap – so secretive. She often feels as if everyone is wanting her autograph – often never speaking to anyone.

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