5 Movies That Made You Secretly Root For The Bad Guy

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    Due to societal norms most people are wired to root for the good guy. There’s usually a solid line between the good and the bad which makes the decision relatively easy. However in rare cases, there are some bad characters particularly in movies, that are able to gain the support of their viewers. Either through their quirky demeanor or their circumstances. Here is a list of supposedly bad characters in movies that we all secretly rooted for :

    The Mask (Jim Carrey)

    At the top of the list is the character that Jim Carrey played in The Mask. To be more specific, the character he became after using the mask. This much loved character was known for being the God Loki, green in color and always able to get what he wanted, even if it meant him breaking the rules. Despite his blatant disrespect for all things good, people couldn’t help but revel in the characters persistence and determination. He was able to change a timid man into a more confident one which appealed to many people. In essence, he allowed the underdog to come out on top.

    Jim Carrey, under wiki commons


    Law abiding citizen (Gerard Butler)

    This blockbuster movie starring Gerard Butler is one to watch. The story follows a family man who turns against the law when his family is brutally murdered in a home invasion. The character Clyde Shelton then goes onto a murder spree. He seeks vengeance for his family by ruthlessly punishing those that wronged him. Throughout the movie we see a progression of the actions he takes from just seeking justice against the perpetrators  to the point at which he tries to overturn the legal system. All the way through one can’t help but root for the man who was grieving in his own way.

    Gerard Butler under Wikimedia commons


    Snowden (Edward Snowden)

    Snowden follows the real life story of Edward Snowden, a computer professional working for the CIA. After discovering that the government collected information of all it’s citizens through their laptops, computer, cellphones etc., he decides to leak the information. Despite his treachery to his country, you can’t help but root for him due to his selfless act. In an attempt to give back the privacy of the people, he sacrificed everything he had. The movie ends with Edward Snowden taking solace in Russia, away from prosecution in his home country.

    Edward Snowden, under wikimedia commons

    Daddy’s home (Mark Wahlberg)

    Now a bit of the light hearted stuff. Daddy’s home stars Mark Wahlberg who play an ex husband who tries to outwit and perform his ex-wife’s new husband. He secretly works to sabotage Brad Taggart (Will Ferrell) through several manipulative actions. Irrespective of this, people can’t help but root for Mark Wahlberg all the way. It’s probably because throughout the movie he puts up the facade of a caring man with killer smile.

    Mark Wahlberg under Wiki Commons

    Bad neighbours (Zac Efron)

    Bad neighbors is a much watch comedy starring Zac Efron. It follows a family who moves to a new neighborhood but to their dismay realize that it is situated near a frat house. This turns out to be a nightmare experience as they are constantly at odds & ends with one another. The stuff Zac Efron does, as Teddy (the frat head) is evil beyond limits, yet he wins most people off with his chiseled body and bubbly personality.

    Zac Efron Wikimedia commons


    John Wick (Keanu Reeves)

    As with the movie law abiding citizen, John Wick is another movie where the bad guy is actually someone that was driven to the wrong side by circumstances. In this case, John Wick, played by Keanu Reeves turns back to his life as an assassin to avenge the death of his dog and stolen car. Now before you think that it’s just a car and dog then you should also know that they had sentimental value too. Throughout the movie you can’t help but root for Wick as he kicks ass and dodges bullets.

    Keanu Reeves, under wikimedia commons

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